Join weekly Junonia Tribal Fusion Belly Dance classes in Dublin taught by Jasmin Victoria, an extensively trained and experienced life-long dancer. Strengthen and isolate muscles by drilling bellydance moves in our Technique and Drills classes. Discover an extremely exciting way of toning your body and increase your endurance and fitness levels while exploring bellydance foundational technique and more advanced concepts like popping, locking and strobing. What better way of attaining a healthy body and mind than with dance?

Junonia dance classes include thorough warm-up and cool-down sections, standing and seated drills as well as travelling sequences. You will also learn dance combinations that will ultimately tie into choreographies. I also teach classes specifically dedicated to Combos and Choreography in which you will study concepts such as intention and emotion and learn about stage presence.

I believe that solid technique is the foundation of dance, much like grammar for languages. Therefore, I emphasise strengthening the body during the warm-up and by drilling technique. To take your dancing to the next level, I will invite you to Junonia Combos and Choreo classes on Wednesday evenings. You will learn how to express your emotions and intentions in your dancing and how to narrate a coherent storyline.

NO CLASSES on the following dates: 29 August 2018

Dublin Holistic Centre, South William Street, Dublin 2

Wednesdays, Studio 1

6 45- 8 15 pm Tribal Fusion Technique and Drills, Mixed Level, Drop- in 18 €,   4-class/ 8-class passes (see below FAQs for policy)

8 15- 9 15 pm Tribal Fusion Combos and Choreography. Please note that previous experience is required and 4-class/ 8-class passes need to be purchased. Class 2 class-passes are seperate from


PRIVATE CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS: If you are interested in private classes or small group tuition and workshops, please send me your request to for details. 

Photo by Ricardo Meneghel. 2013

Photo by Ricardo Meneghel. 2013


  • Improve your fitness, strength and general endurance

  • Improve your flexibility, get a toned body and long, lean muscles

  • Learn belly dance technique fused with modern contemporary and western style dance elements

  • Increase your body and self-awareness and improve your carriage for fluid body language

  • Express your creativity by achieving freedom in your body and ease of expression

  • Drill movements in a supportive environment and have fun dancing together in class

Sarah McNicolas Photography. 2013

Sarah McNicolas Photography. 2013


Can students with no dance background drop into classes?

Yes, all are welcome! Classes include a well explained warm-up section targeting and strengthening the specific muscle groups we use in belly dance. There is ample opportunity for movement drills to help reinforce the learning process and develop muscle memory. The study environment is supportive and healthy challenges are given depending on students’ needs.

Classes are open to anyone above 16 years of age.

What dance clothes/training gear will I wear to class?

Pants or leggings that are comfortable and allow for freedom in movement. Ideally dance clothes made from cotton to allow your skin to breathe. Please do not wear jeans to class as you will not be able to move freely. While your are welcome to wear belly tops if you are at ease doing so, avoid shirts that are too baggy and opt for figure hugging options in order to trace your movements and get corrections.

Is Modern Fusion Belly Dance a good way of improving my fitness levels?

Yes, definitely. Your body will become more toned and you will gradually learn to access different muscle groups to isolate movements. Belly dance is a fun way of getting fitter and tuning into your body, while developing greater self-esteem and body awareness.

What if I miss class and have purchased a class pass?

After your first drop-in class you are invited to purchase either a 4-class pass at € 60 or an 8- class pass at € 110 . This class pass covers Tribal Fusion Technique + Drills classes (645- 815 pm) only! Class passes work out cheaper than the current drop-in rate of 18 Euro and they cover you for a month (4 weeks) or 2 months (8 weeks) respectively. Unfortunately, we are not in the position to make a refund and class-passes are non-refundable. However, if you miss one class due to sickness you will recuperate it the week after.

A seperate class pass must me purchased for Tribal Fusion Combo + Choreo class (815-915 pm). Rates for a 4/8-class passes for Class 2 are € 45/85 respectively. If Class 1/2 passes are purchased at the same time, a € 5 reduction will be applied to the total amount.