"Joy of dance" Painting by JVS. Dec 2000

"Joy of dance" Painting by JVS. Dec 2000

Jasmin is an amazingly talented teacher, her classes are fun and well structured with warm ups designed to challenge you and build your strength for dancing, including drills and combinations to expand your dance vocabulary. Each individual movement is broken down and repeated so you learn properly from the start at your own pace. Her teaching style is warm, approachable and extremely encouraging! Even though I've been dancing for 2 years with Jasmin I'm still always learning from her. Wednesday classes are the highlight of my week!  Grace S.

You are a superb teacher! You are inclusive, fair, encouraging, and making conscious efforts to continuously improve yourself and the class, which is inspiring. I appreciate that you are open and value our inputs (class structure, content, choreography, music, hafla venue, costume and much more).  Proud to have you as my teacher (as I was at the hafla). Keep up the great work and please don't move to somewhere like the US (not in any near future anyway). Y.O

Can't recommend Jasmin Victoria enough as a teacher, she really knows her stuff and always gets the best out of her students. You'll find muscles you never even thought you had! Go on- you know you wanna!! Lindsay Slevin- Director of Resham-Ka Tribal.

I have been doing Tribal Fusion for more than a year now and thanks to the most amazing teacher ever Jasmin Victoria, I was able to deal with a lot of personal issues such as body image and depression. I was introduced to the dancing community in Ireland and met some wonderful teachers from around the world. I got to dance on stage in front of people and deal with my fears. I look forward to every class! I highly suggest dancing as a form of fitness, for anyone sick of gyms. If you are interested in trying it out Jasmin does a class every Wednesday for every level and you should try it out! Angela K.

REVIEWS: Dublin Festival of Firsts Introductory Workshop.

I cannot believe it took me so long to try out belly dancing! Being from a family of dancers and being myself a sport addict, I usually have very high expectations, but it was clear from the warm-up that Jasmin is not only a great teacher, she's also a very accomplished dancer. The class was challenging and interesting, and it was a perfect introduction to the genre, giving us an insight into its complexity, beauty, variety and benefits. I came out of it so happy and invigorated with only one simple question: "Where do I sign up?" Emily A. 

I went for an introduction to tribal bellydancing class with Jasmin last week, and holey smokes that girl has moves! Jasmin was brilliant at explaining the whole history behind bellydancing first, and then gradually introducing the different moves to us, although it took us Irish folk a fair bit more time to stray away from our old, rigid-arms, nothing-moves-above-the-waist roots! I think it's safe to say that her continuous encouragement made everyone feel increasingly at ease as the class went on, and even I started to feel my inner belly dancing guru come out when she introduced funky music to the scenario! Geraldine C.