Jasmin Victoria started dance at age 5 at the Ballettschule Nyyssönen. She has studied Classical Ballet (Ingrid Nyssönen, Sylvia Behan, Lisa Tyrell, Veronika Sardiko, Stephen Brennan, Killian O'Callaghan), Jazz Dance, Irish Dance (Tanztheater Iris Huber, Yvonne Hart) and Modern Contemporary Dance (Huber, Miriam Ribón, CoisCéim Dance Theatre). Her multidisciplinary dance and Ashtanga Yoga (Gillian Mooney) backgrounds  inform her approach to studying and teaching Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

2005-2009:  American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion classes with Wendy Marlatt.

2010: Creative Collaborations with Ailbhe Large and Nadia Gativa culminating in the Triptych Show at The Church Bar in Dublin.

2011: Teaching weekly classes in Dublin leads to the birth of Junonia Dance Company (formerly Junonia Bellydancemble). Jasmin Victoria is the group´s artistic director and principal choreographer and has since been organising events to provide performance and further education opportunities and to unite the dance community in Ireland.

Image by Antje Barkhau.2015

Jasmin Victoria has been travelling extensively to study dance since 2006.  Dancers and troupes she studied with to date are:

Orchidacae, Samantha Emanuel, Rachel Brice,  Ashley Lopez, Elizabeth Strong, Karen Hersh, Geneva Bybee, Olivia Kissel, Kami Liddle, Paulette Rees-Denis of Gypsy Caravan, Mira Betz, The Lady Fred, Daniela, Ariellah, Mirjam Sutter, Joe Darby, Valerie Romanin, Tjarda van Straten, Hilde Canoodt, Mardi Love, Alexis Southall, Ilan Rivière, Deb Rubin, Sharon Kihara, Ashara, April Rose, Amy Sigil and Unmata, Sera Solstice, Idhun, Déborah Blachier,Violet Scrap, Barefoot Bellydance, Blacksheep Bellydance, LST, Shakra and Rustiqa to name a few. She also attended drum workshops with master percussionist Issam Houshan in Dublin.

She has attended numerous festivals and Intensives across Europe and the US and some cross-collaborative highlights include:  

Juniper Project at Infusion Emporium 2014.

Juniper Project at Infusion Emporium 2014.

In July 2013 Jasmin Victoria qualified for the Pro-Track at Tribal Umrah in Marseille. April Rose’s water choreography, performed by the 2013 Pro-Trackers can be found in the gallery section.

In addition to studying the Suhaila and Jamila Salimpour formats (L2 certified in both), Jasmin Victoria is part of the Awalem Ireland Middle Eastern Dance program led by Assale Ibrahim. Her participation in the program and her ongoing travels highlight her continued efforts to avail of further education and her dedication to her students. She also follows the DanceCraft format.

While the Salimpour format serves as a strong foundation, Jasmin Victoria’s preferred stylisation remains Tribal Fusion. She also favors Modern Contemporary Dance which balances out the earthiness and isolations of Modern Style Belly Dance. Finally, she is a devoted Ashtanga yoga practitioner for many years and has a keen interest in martial arts, speaks several languages, paints and plays instruments.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul
— Martha Graham

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