AMOON plays Lady Windermere's Caffeinated Art and Literature Salon

It's been a while I posted a blog entry, which is really just down to being snowed under, in work, with dance/training/yoga, general organisational duties and also trying to balance all that with relation/friend-ships. Talk about multi-tasking. I wish I could say that I was literally being snowed under (in) but unfortunately Dublin did not see any proper snow thus far. Proper, knee-deep (or more) snow would mean I could work from home more regularly, without feeling guilty/worried that some (out of sync, bored) co-workers may complain about it being unfair, rather than actually getting their head down to work themselves. Instead of waisting the day in the office with unnecessary waffle. This in turn would also have the welcome, soothing effect of not encountering any hassle with Dublin public transport or experiencing frustration over the way I have been driving for over ten years now, yet still do not own my own car because I am too sensible about money matters.

But alas, in work again today after "taking the liberty" to work from home yesterday. Did I mention, it really (!) sucks to travel on public transport, especially Dublin public transport. Anyway, I made it in and to console myself I thought I may write a brief blog entry, firstly, to let off "some steam" about how the concept of working from home should be a generally accepted rule and secondly, to announce:

A wonderful music event this evening in the Back Loft in Dublin under the header of

AMOON plays Lady Windermere's Caffeinated Art and Literature Salon

'The Back Loft', La Catedral Studios , 7-11 St. Augustine St, Dublin, Ireland

Now I am already extremely excited about AMOON playing, because the music he makes is unique, and dreamy and generally just deadly to see live. But even better, they asked us to dance with them on the night!

Since it was quite short notice, and due to the afore mentioned fact of "being snowed under", I will just pull out a quick solo to "War Bird" by AMOON and my wonderful friend Nadia Gativa will do a solo too.

But rest assured that is only the start of something even greater, and promises future collaborations between Dublin based musicians and dancers. Which is just brilliant, 'nuf said.

So despite being poorly myself, and blaming it on the Arctic conditions reigning Dublin, I will nonetheless be there to admire Amoon's tunes, and so should you!

Support your local musicians, dancers and artists of all backgrounds! With those desperate times and the economic hardships endured since the bailout, art continues to sustain each one of us.

So support the local talents, and come check out Amoon tonight. For more info see

Oh, and definitely do not forget to come along to

Goulash Disko at The Twisted Pepper tomorrow night



. You will have the opportunity to check out the Serbia based electro royalty

Shazalakazoo and the lovely Junonia Bellydancemble

dancers perform a few numbers too! See my events page for info


Yay! To a not so gloomy, fun (music/dance) filled wintry December month!

See you there.

JVS/ Junonia Bellydancemble

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Below video was a very spontaneous improv to AMOON on the day. Other vids are up on my Youtube Channel appearing under Jasmiini27.!/Jasmiini3