Mark 7 January 2012 in your calendars- Introductory workshop to Modern Belly Dance& Junonia Bellydancemble dancing!

Junonia Bellydancemble performing a group choreo to Movits- Fel del av garden.
Photos courtesy by Magda Kozlowska- Goulash Disko December 2011

I am so very happy to announce that 2012 will be kicked of with my teaching a
2 1/2 hour long Introductory workshop to Modern Belly Dance, which will also entail lovely candy such as illustrations, video presentations and an informal performance by my wonderful Junonia Bellydancemble dancers!

The workshop will start at 2 pm on the dot and we will dance until 4 30 pm and be rewarded for our shimmies and sweat incurred by an illustration on how moves come together in a finished choreo.

It is planned that Junonia Bellydancemble will perform both a group number and a trio and the floor can then be opened for further questions, time permitting.

Some Junonia Bellydancemble's gems Goulash Disko December 2011

I am really thrilled over all the peeps who are already signed up to attend the workshop as a wonderful way to kick start the new year in a positive vein! For bookings, please send a mail to

Photo courtesy Magda Kozlowska, Junonia BDE performing a duet to Portishead- All Mine

Do not forget that it is 2 in for 1 meaning you can take a friend along and enjoy the joy of dance with them for just 17 Euro.

Hail to 2012, may it be a year filled with dance, dance, dance!

Happy New Year to y'all!

JVS/Junonia Bellydancemble

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