Live totally

I have not posted in a very long time. This owes to my increasing aversion against the world wide web, and the "humanoid" monstrosities social networking helps to create with certain individuals exhibiting increasingly fewer inhibitions vis-à-vis self indulgence and self-contentedness.

Nonetheless, I was asked a while ago to share the experiences made at the Anasma Intensive in Amsterdam in March 2012 and the Assale Ibrahim Intensive in Dublin the following month. Since it is nice to recall those golden moments of immersing myself in dance, I will do soon by the end of this week, ideally. For anyone interested and for myself, to remember great and enriching exposure to one of my creative passions!

For now, just a little quote for inspiration:
"Live totally, and love intensely so that each moment becomes golden, and that your whole life becomes a series of golden moments" ~Osho

Modern society by and large seems to have lost the inherently crucial skill of just being and living in the now, savouring the crucial aspects of life-  family and friends, the quality (!!!) as opposed to the quantity of your relationships, nature, enjoyment of life and inspiration- rather than succumbing to materialistic greed and self-complacent, uninteresting chatter on social media fori.

This is it for now,